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I loved how this Copper blended with her Medium Blonde hair. Fall is a good time for a change !
My Before/After on ”Harry”.. I went to Rogers Flea Market in Ohio. to buy some Fiestaware seconds from a guy. This place is huge, I tried parking somewhere I would remember. So I parked near the Poultry Barn. When I got out, I heard all kinds of animals. Curiosity got me and I went in. I was sickened by all the animals in small cages. I learned it was an auction house. To see all sizes of bunnies, chickens, all kinds of fowl, cows, lambs being auctioned for next to nothing. Bidding started at .25 for beautiful bunnies. Lilly needed a friend and I thought at least I could save one. With tax and fees he was $ 9.01. Vet checked and his is about 4 months old. And his teeth will be fine. It only took a day for Lilly to fall for Harry. She will be 3 and his life expectancy is 4-7 years. So hopefully they can live out their days to the end together ❤️ #netherlanddwarfbunny #lionheadbunny #siamesesablelionshead #whenlillymetharry
Tambri Iriti Hair The wind was not helping my limited photography skills today. Added shades of Carmel and Mocha to soften her blonde hair for the fall/winter. #paulmitchellcolor #focushairdesign #murrysvillehair #murrysvillehairstylist #tambriiritihair
The wind was not helping my limited photography skills today. Added shades of Carmel and Mocha to soften her blonde hair for the fall/winter. #paulmitchellcolor #focushairdesign #murrysvillehair #murrysvillehairstylist #tambriiritihair
Never get tired of watching her. So, tiny, yet so detailed 💚#
#sulcatasofinstagram #babysulcatatortoise #tortallini#iritizoo#pittaburghhairstylist #pittsburghcolorspecialist
Spike is such a grouch , when he is shedding. #jacksonschameleon #jacksonschameleonofinstagram #sheddingseason #spikethechameleon #chameleonsofinstagram #chameleons @ Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Bella💙 @ South Greensburg, Pennsylvania
#Tortallini #babysucata #sulcatalover#sulcatasofinstagram
What I am doing with my summer ...😊
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Happy 17th Birthday, to my daughter @marinatiwold @spicy.marinara.sauce Last year we celebrated in London! This year, we drove 90 minutes to West Virginia to do mani’ and pedi’s. Crazy times !
#gottalovegizmo @ Monroeville, Pennsylvania
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Took matters into my own hands..
#shorthairdontcare #quarantinecut @ Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Camera captured Topper shaking his head when the flash went off @ Monroeville Community Park
Self talk
Self talk. #quarantinelife
Sitting hair practicing updos on mannequin for @sharonblaineducation Masterclass in Las Vegas in July ( hopefully). And the mailman just delivered the mail and looked in the very perplexed. 🤪lol #quarantinelife

Trying to get the perfect shot☹️ #gottalovegizmo @ Monroeville Community Park
My current life situation.,,it’s only water on the towel. Life with Mango. #parrotsofinstagram #parrots_life #patagonainconure#iritizoo
Lily was not happy with me trying to take her picture.
#bunniesofinstagram #easterbunny #netherlanddwarfbunny #iritizoo
💙💛 Topper & Marina

I am actually going to miss this place .. hope it’s only two weeks. When I found out they were likely mandating we close I called a few clients and managed to work from 12pm till almost 11pm. I am taking all my supplies home to be prepared for whatever I have to do next .. #kitchenhairdontcare
Good ol’Barbicide!
Focus Hair Design
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After/Before Formula RuSk 6NC 1 oz. & 5 PV 2 oz 10 volume root to end .. awesome grey coverage too! #ruskcolor #ruskdeepshine #rusk5pv#plumhaircolor #purplehair #murrysvillesalon #murrysvillehairstylist
@ Focus Hair Design
What a cutie 😍 @ Focus Hair Design
We just did the math tonight ! I have been cutting Betty and Ross’ hair for 37 years !! Started in her kitchen ! Wow! I am not that old😳
Grayson helping me with his Mom’s hair today 😊 @ Focus Hair Design
Fun shag with a gloss of Rusk 2VV @ Tambri Iriti Hair
Those eyes!
#dalmationcrestedgeckosofinstagram #dalmationcrestedgecko#gecko
First haircut for this fun four year old! We added some Pinkalicious 💕#kidshairstyles #kidspinkhair #kidscutsmurrysville #focushairdesign @ Focus Hair Design
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